Optimizing the Bottom Line Through SEO

SEO? Sounds Foreign To Me…

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the art of designing a website or piece of digital media in such a way that the content is easily found and indexed on popular search engines, most commonly Google (the PageRank algorithm).

A functional and informative website is only useful if it is discoverable by new clients. Search engine optimization is the missing piece to this puzzle. Upon completion of the user interface and graphic design of the Mid Florida Audio & Video website, I began optimizing the pages for consumer online searches.

Search engine optimization is an ongoing-project with no set end date. As long as a website is active and desires new clientele, SEO should be the foundation of new content being posted.

How SEO is Incorporated to my Employer’s Website

With every new blog post or update that is posted to my current employer’s website, the tags, slugs, meta descriptions, and keywords are carefully selected and implemented for the purpose of SEO. This strategy has allowed the website to break its own personal all-time-views on a weekly basis. Naturally, the implications of this surge in popularity and viewership are an asset to the bottom line.

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